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Personalized Captains Log Book for Boaters, Boat Log Book with Quote: The Captain is Always Right

Personalized Captains Log Book for Boaters, Boat Log Book with Quote: The Captain is Always Right

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📚🌌 Ahoy, Captain! 🚢⚓️ Set sail on your personalized adventure with our Captains Log Journal! 📜🎉

🔍 Unravel the mysteries of the seas and document your daring escapades with a touch of personalization! 🏴‍️✍️

🗺️ Plan your voyages, sketch sea monsters, and record legendary encounters with pirates! 🗺️🏴‍️

🎁 An unforgettable gift for sailors, explorers, and dreamers alike! 🎁⚓️

The Captain is Always Right
And you are the Captain! Take command of your yacht, fishing boat or commercial vessel with a captains log book among your sailing accessories. Whether you are a weekend boater or operate charter fishing excursions, this indispensable boater’s record book is the ideal place to collect details about outings for personal reflection or business purposes.

Assemble Your Nautical Notations
Document your seaborne adventures in this boat captains log book notebook. Each page has a pre-printed template with informational prompts about weather and ocean conditions, port of departure, crew, fuel, engine hours and other vital details. A notes block offers space to record passengers onboard, observations about marine life, encounters with other vessels, mechani

  • ⚓️ CHART YOUR NEXT COURSE in the pages of this captain’s log book for boaters. Inside its covers are 120 pages to record your destination, ETA, weather, passenger manifest and other vital information.
  • ⚓️ THE CAPTAIN IS ALWAYS RIGHT ship’s log book lets you document every boat trip in stunning detail. An essential addition to your boating equipment, this nautical journal captures details of every outing.
  • ⚓️ 6” x 9” SHIP BOOK can be stored on the yacht in a drawer or deck box or tucked into a sea bag with other boating accessories. Every boat captain should be armed with this captain’s log book boat journal.
  • ⚓️FOR ALL BOATERS including hobbyists and commercial boat captains, this 120-page boat journal and ships logbook helps you document departure time, speed, course and dockmaster information for posterity.

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Your Choice of Paperback, Hardcover or Spiral Bound Paperback
Matte Soft Cover - 120 Pages
6” x 9” x .25” - Perfect size for traveling
Pen & pencil friendly 55# (90 GSM) White Paper

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